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COOLING FAN LENOVO G560, G460, G560, Z460, Z560, Z565 SERIES NEW

Vendor code: CO075

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6 000 AMD





  • Brand: Lenovo
  • Cable Type: 4 pin
  • Condition: New

Compatible Part Number:

MG65130V1-Q000-S99, DC280009BS0, DC280008ZA00, NFB65B05H F1FA1, AB06505HX12DB0​0, DC280007UN00, G65X05MS1MJ-57T131, xsf-ab158659hs05bg460, XS10N05YF05V-BJ002, DFB501005H20T F7L8, MF60130V1-Q010-H99, MG65130V1-Q000-S99, GB0506AGV1-A, B33.13.V1.F.GN, GC057514VH-A 13.V1.B3579.F.GN, DC280007UX00, DC280007US01, AB06505HX12DB00 0NAWE5, UDQFRZH08CCM, AT0BN0020A0, AT0BN0020M0, AT0BN0020N0, AT0E50010R0, AT0EY0010R0

Fits Following Models:



Essential G460 Series

Essential G460-0677

Essential G460-06772WU

Essential G460-06772XU

Essential G460-06774CU

Essential G460-06774DU

Essential G460-06777CU

Essential G460-06777DU

Essential G460-06777EU

Essential G460-06777UU

Essential G460-06779UU

Essential G460-06779XU

Essential G460-5903

Essential G460-5903-5516

Essential G460-5905-2104

Essential G460-6772

Essential G460A Series

Essential G560 Series

Essential G560-06792AJ

Essential G560-06792AU

Essential G560-06793FJ

Essential G560-06793JU

Essential G560-06793TJ

Essential G560-067943M

Essential G560-06794TU

Essential G560-06795XJ

Essential G560-067998U

Essential G560-067999U

Essential G560-0679AJU

Essential G560-6792

Essential G560-M272BGE

Essential G560-M272DGE

Essential G560-M276LGE

Essential G560-M276MUK

Essential G560-M277QGE

Essential G560-M277RGE

Essential G560-M279CGE

Essential G560-M279CU

Essential G560-M279CUK

Essential G560-M279YGE

Essential G565 Series

Ideapad Z460 Series

Ideapad Z460A Series

Ideapad Z465 Series

Ideapad Z560 Series

Ideapad Z565 Series

Ideapad Z565-4311

Ideapad Z565-4311-35U

Ideapad Z565-4311-37U

Ideapad Z565-4311-38U

Ideapad Z565-4311-3CU

Ideapad Z565-4311-3DU

Ideapad Z565-4311-3EU

Ideapad Z565-4311-3FU

Ideapad Z565-4311ABG


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