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Keyboard SAMSUNG R530, R540, R719, R728, RV510, NP-RV510 SERIES NEW

Vendor code: KE137

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13 000 AMD



Product condition


  • Brand: Samsung
  • Language: US
  • Condition: New
  • Color: Black

Compatible Part Number:

BA59-02832C, BA59-02832D, BA59-02529D, CNBA5902832CBIL, CNBA5902832DBIL, CNBA5902529DBIL, CNBA5902529DBYNF, 9Z.N5LSN.001, 9Z.N5LSN.00R, BA59-02529C, BA59-02832C, CNBA5902832ABIL, CNBA5902832CBIL, CNBA5902832DBIL, V106360AS1, v106360gs1, BA59-02581C, HV020660AS, V106360DS1 9Z.N5LSN.00R, 9J.N8182.S0R

Fits Following Models:

E352 Series

E452 Series

NP-P530 Series

NP-P580 Series

NP-R517 Series

NP-R523 Series

NP-R525 Series

NP-R528 Series

NP-R530 Series

NP-R538 Series

NP-R540 Series

NP-R618 Series

NP-R620 Series

NP-R620E Series

NP-R719 Series

NP-R728 Series

NP-RV508 Series

NP-RV510 Series

P530 Series

P580 Seires



R517 Series

R523 Series

R525 Series

R528 Series

R530 Series

R538 Series

R540 Series

R618 Series

R620 Series

R620E Series

R719 Series

R728 Series

RV508 Series

RV510 Series

RV510-A04 Series

S3510 Series


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